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First Congregational Church is blessed many times over with a vibrant community of members who give generously of their time, their talent, their means, and their hearts. Together we are First Congregational Church and together we live out God’s Word in West Boylston, in our broader community, and in the world.


First Congregational Church is a church that joins with other Congregational churches as part of the United Church of Christ. Being a Congregational church means that we are self-governing within our congregation and also that we are financially self-supporting. We donate part of our mission budget to support the wider Church of which we are a part, but we do not receive any funds from the wider Church.

‘Stewardship’ is the process we use annually to raise funds that support our budget for operations and mission. During the annual Stewardship campaign, typically in the fall, we invite members to make a pledge of financial support for the following budget year. We build our budget based on the results of our campaign, striving to be both optimistic dreamers and prudent caretakers of the Church’s dollars.

We are stewards of God’s bounty. We give to First Congregational Church and its broader mission, not because we have to but because we want to and we can! We share our means and time, be it in large amounts or small, joyfully, and as part of a church family, which is passionate about music, about children and youth and about mission. We give so that First Congregational Church can make a difference.

During our annual Stewardship campaign, we invite members to make a pledge of financial support for the following budget year.


Memorial Giving

When a friend or family member who is a member of First Congregational Church dies, what better way to honor their faith, their love of God, and their devotion to their church community than to designate the First Congregational Church Memorial Fund as a recipient of memorial contributions?

These contributions are pooled with other memorial gifts to purchase items that enhance the life and ministry throughout our building. In the past these items have included additional hand bells, candelabras tables, chairs and many other items for our worship life.


Planned Giving

First Congregational Church makes a difference in the world, as it shares God’s love with God’s children both near and far, thanks to the generous annual financial support of its members.

First Congregational Church is also such a strong beacon of love and faith in the center of West Boylston because of the legacy that has been handed down from a glorious past by members who loved this community of faith with their heart and soul. Previous generations have bequeathed to us a magnificent church facility, and they have also bequeathed an endowment that continues to support, strengthen, and inspire the mission and ministries of this faithful congregation. First Congregational Church and God will continue to be glorified as each of us considers how we might consider leaving a legacy gift to First Congregational Church through our wills or through some other avenue of planned giving.

Memorial Giving
Planned Giving
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